• #EachusEverAfter year 3!

    November 7, 2015, I married my other half, the guy that pushes me to be a better me everyday, the one that plans all our spontaneous travels, the guy I met in my Social Entrepreneurship class in college, & just completely inspired me from the time I met him, my baby daddy, my very best

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  • Ellery’s Garden Party

    It’s no surprise that when I was trying to think of a theme/style for Ellery’s first birthday party the first thing that came to mind was flowers, flowers, and more flowers, obviously this poor girl has had no choice but to love flowers since she was born, peep her nursery here. I came across the

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  • hi my name is…

    nicole eachus (pronounced:: (EACH-es) rhymes with peaches) well, welcome to my brand new piece of web real estate, well kind of, I’ve started this blog prob 4 times, deleted posts, kept some, started again, really one big hot mess wannabe blogger, but this is it, it’s here to stay, and I’m so excited to have

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