My Baby Registry Must Haves!

if you’re a new mama to be and your a little overwhelmed with what to registry for, first off, Congratulations!!, secondly, i’m here to help you!!

& if you’re a seasoned mama but it’s been a few years since you had a newborn, i know, the baby product world changes so dang fast!!

when i was pregnant with ellery and it was time to register i was literally clueless & very overwhelmed! i mean, there is SO MUCH crap out there, and if you go to buybuy baby or any other baby store the sales associate will make you feel like you need all of it, and then how do you chose, it’s a lot i know! i asked my gf’s who had new babies and i basically trusted them. after getting through 18 months with ellery, traveling to 5 countries, 13 states with her, i can tell you what really worked for us and what I would highly recommend you registry for!

also, before i break it down, i didn’t put any of the cutesy stuff on here, just the stuff you must have, you obviously know you need sheets and stuff, you pick those in the style your doing your little babe’s room 🙂 this is merely my   m u s t   h a v e   list, everything on this list i personally used, i swear by!!

i’ve been asked so much on my ig & close friends about my top baby registry items, so i figured this post was v. necessary & over due! so lets get started!!

breaking it all down and linking the products below!


my must have baby registry items

s l e e p 

1. Love To Dream Swaddle UP: I literally swear by these!! Ellery slept in this (instead of being traditionally swaddled) every single night for months! (they make a version that will grow with your baby too) when anyone asks me what they need to register for this is without a doubt by #1 product! sleep > everything!! You’ll need to register for a few of these! (we had 6 because she literally wore one every night, and you know, I hate laundry.

2. Marpac Dohm White Noise Sound Machine: this one is the best you guys!! we’ve bought some cheaper ones and I’m telling you there is a reason this one is a but more $, it’s the best!! save your time, buy this one! If you need to know why you need this, with a white noise machine your baby will be able to sleep no matter what loud noise it going on outside her room, or even if you walk in her room to put Landry away, clean up, with this, it’ll drown all the other noises out and your baby will stay sound asleep!

3. DockATot Deluxe Plus: as a newborn ellery co slept with us the second part of the night and she loved this small DockaTot until she was 10 months (she was tiny), then when we moved her to her crib we transitioned her to the DockATot Grand which she still sleeps in today, she snuggles up to the sides and sleeps all night!

4. Crane USA Humidifier: a must have for the winter months, or anytime ellery has been congested we run this when she sleeps! we really like this one!

n u r s e r y

5. Boppy Changing Pad Liners: we put put these on top of our changing table, so instead of getting the cover sheet dirty we just throw these in the wash and replace it with another one, so much easier than changing the sheet! I’ve tried a couple brands, these bare far are my favorite, they don’t slide around, they’re thick, white, and wash well!

6. Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress: this is the mattress we decided on, it’s lightweight, waterproof and leak proof, Sealy crib mattresses are GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for a healthier sleeping environment, made out of soybean foam.

7. Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor with 5” Touchscreen Display and Wireless Sensor Pad: this is our monitor that I love! it has a big clear screen, a wireless sensor pad if there’s no breathing detected for 20 second, the alarm will alert, which has given me so much peace of mind, it tracks the temperature in the room, and if you can buy multiple angel care cameras to hook up to it, which I really liked if you have close in age babies. 

8.Ubbi Diaper Pail: this diaper pail is great! it locks the odor in, its sleek, we used to hide it in the closet, now that she’s older we stick it right outside our back door, no special bag required which I really like, even though so far I’ve only used their bags and I really like them! but the option is there! rated most award winning diaper pail!

9. Babyletto Scoot 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit: so many question’s from my ig and ellery nursery blog post which bed she has, linked here, I love the neutral timeless style that we plan on using for all our babies!

e a t 

10. Comotomo Baby Bottle: there are so many bottles out there!! & I tried all the top rated ones!! and I’m telling you nothing beats this bottle!! it’s the best!! ellery was mostly breastfed until she was 15 months old, but when she went to her grandma’s on Tuesdays she gave her a bottle, and if she didn’t get the boob, this was her favorite boob like bottle to take! 1000% recommend this bottle only! it’s got dual anti colic vents, easy to clean, latch like feel for babies, read all the 3,800 amazon reviews if you need more convincing 🙂


11. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair With Tray: my most asked about ig baby item, what high chair do I have? I wanted something that was going to look good with my home decor, & have a removable tray for easy cleaning. I’ve only seen it on amazon, and we love it! although I did have to buy the ivory cushions separate and replace these bright ones, because, I’m super crazy about things flowing in my house! so heres the link if your wanting the ivory cushions!

b a t h     t i m e 

12.Aquaphor Baby Wash and Shampoo: before having ellery I registered for and bought all the really good smelling baby soaps and shampoos, my sister, my best friend warned me, both their babies were sensitive to all baby washes that had a scent. but I didn’t listen because I really wanted to smell that new baby smell good smell, well ellery was sensitive and got a major rash with all of them, till this day we use this aquaphor baby wash & shampoo, it doesn’t have a smell but leaves your baby so freshly clean, I really recommend you pass on all the smell good stuff, baby’s skin is so sensitive safe your self some $ and all the drawer space, just buy this one:)

13.Bamboo Hooded Towel: these are so soft we love them!!

14.Angelcare Baby Bath: we have a big farm house sink in our kitchen and bathed ellery in this from newborn to 9 months! she laid perfect on it as a newborn without slipping, which I really liked! it’s plastic so it dries super fast which I also loved!

15. Baby Muslin Washcloths: love these!

d a i l y 

16. aden by aden + anais Musy Squares: I loved these for lots of things, one being, to quickly wipe up spit up, or drool, when your baby is a newborn they spit up a lot, these were nice bc they were little, easy to have around to quickly wipe it up, we used them as receiving and tummy time blankets, nursing privacy covers, burp cloths, stroller cover or changing table cover, so many uses! & so much better than using. big swaddle blanket! these are such a good size that I used a lot!! 

17. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes (sensitive): these are my favorite baby wipes, sensitive, because I think for babies if there’s a sensitive option it’s always best, especially if your baby ends up having sensitive skin like ellery, we get them shipped from amazon every month so I’m never loaded down at target with heavy wipes which is also nice! they have a great plastic flip top lids which keep your wipes fresh!

18. Baby Bandana Drool Bibs: another one of my top 3 must have items! when ellery started drooling these were a must!! I really like these copper pearl ones, they’re thick so they will with stand a lot of drool & they wash great! when ellery has a runny nose I always put one on her and use it to wipe her nose so I always have something handy! you need these!

t r a v e l 

19.Baby Backseat Mirror for Car: this is such a great, clear backseat mirror so you can keep an eye on your baby while your driving! its easy to adjust to get the angel just right so you can see your babe, trust me that is a huge win when it comes to backseat mirrors!

20. UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat: our car seat!! which went with our stroller that I highly recommend, big uppababy fan, and I did A LOT of research!!

21. 2018 UPPAbaby Vista Stroller: like I said I did a ton of research, there is no better stroller out right now than the uppababy, we’ve literally traveled around the world with this stroller, I do my grocery shopping in it with the infant car seat on top (so much under basket storage for groceries), its easy to take in and out of your car, I uber by myself with it, it’s just a really really great easy to use stroller! why the vista? not the cruz? difference is, if you get the vista you can make it a double stroller, which is what you want if you plan on having more kids!

22. Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother: this was gold to us in the first months! and so nice we should take with us in the car, it’s  a real human voice, shushing your baby to sleep with a calming sush, I know it sounds weird, but babies are soothed by the weirdest things!! as a newborn mama, this will be your bf! 

23. Car Seat cover: so you can take your baby in and out of places while she’s sleeping without her/ him realizing they’re being moved. I love a good neutral & I love a good deal, esp with the crazy prices of baby stuff! I loved these!

24. Freshly Picked Diaper bag or Fawn Design Diaper bag: my two favorite brands, I have them both and truly truly love them both!!! personally I like the style looks wise of the fawn, but anytime were traveling I switch to the FP bc it’s roomier! both are great and so stylish!!

25. 4moms Breeze Plus Portable playard with Removable Bassinet and Changing Station/ aka: pack and play: We’ve taken this pack and play when we travel by car, it’s super easy to open, literally you can open it with one hand , we’ve tried some of the other brands out of state at hotels and oh boy did it make us really really appreciate our 4moms!! this one is just really easy to open, nice, and has a bassinet top which is really great for the newborn days, you can even use this bassinet for your baby to sleep in next to your bed as a newborn instead of buying another expensive bassinet!

p l a y 


26. Sassy Ring O’ Links Rattle Developmental Toy: the first toy ellery could focus to hold that loved!

27. Sophie The Giraffe Teether: seriously worth every penny! ellery’s favorite baby toy!! don’t know why other teether’s don’t do it as well for babies, Sophie is just always the favorite!

28. Joovy Spoon Walker: loved the neutral color of this one, I was able to put different toys on it, so when she was over one toy, she wasn’t over the walker, she ate snacks on the tray, just really love this walker!

29. BABYBJORN Bouncer: my last #3 swear by baby items, seriously from the time ellery was a newborn, to crawling she hung out in this thing, as a newborn she layed there, as she got older she bounced herself, we took this on all our by car trips! comes in so handy when you want to put your little baby down! ellery loved this thing!!

30. Baby Einstein jumper: I know what you’re thinking you don’t want this big bright thing in your house, well I thought the same, but we got it as a gift and I will tell you, when ellery was holding herself up and playing this was her favorite toy!! she would play in it for over an hour I’m not kidding you! we all like the neutral life, but your baby, they really really love all the bright tacky things haha and sometimes, you just sacrifice your living room for a few months!

31. Tummy Time Play Boards & Cards: great for tummy time, learning time!

32. EDITED. Recall. taken off list for safety 

33. Light-up Rattle: One of ellery’s favorite toys!! We took this with us everywhere, car & plane travel! 

34. Play Mat: play time must have! 

comment below or comment me on IG @nicoleeachus you have any questions! 


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