Our visit to HGTV Santa’s HQ

Tis’ the season for all the Christmas traditions! Without a doubt one of my favorite Christmas traditions since I was a little girl, was visiting Santa at the mall, my mom would get my sister and I dressed up and we would go stand in line to tell the big guy in red what we wanted for Christmas. Ellery’s finally at a great age to be able to ask Santa what she would like for Christmas! So the big question, will she sit on his lap and ask him or scream her face off?

Off to the Fashion Fair Mall we go, and wow the Santa experience has really up-ed their game since I was a kid. The new HGTV Santa HQ gives kids a full on interactive Holiday experience while they’re able to use state of the art digital technology going through the Elf Academy, with 4 really fun stations, before meeting the big guy in red!

First stop, was our favorite out of the 4, the Naughty or Nice Mirror! Ellery got to stand on the magic mirror to see if her name ended up on the naughty or nice list, luckily she made the nice list!

Next up, the Magic Mirror, Ellery got to transform into one of Santa’s elves and virtually try on all the different elf outfits. She loved this spot!

Next, time to make her Elf ID! Ellery got to choose 1 of the 4 elf cards to customize (she chose Strawberry) with her own selfie and information to make her really elf official!

& lastly, Elf-Ray Vision: where she got to explore Santa’s Observatory through kid friendly tablets!

Seriously, where was all that when I was little?! Not only was this such a fun, unique Santa experience, the elfs that were working the HQ were so helpful and really made sure even my two year old ellery could enjoy all the stations!

Then finally, the big guy in red! This Santa was basically the real deal! Not only was he the best looking Santa, he was so sweet and patient with us. He so comfortably held my month old, Goldie girl, was so in-tuned to listening to Ellery repeatedly ask for “Minnie toys”, and made all our different Santa picture poses extra fun with his expressions.

If you’re looking for a Santa experience that’s more than just stand in line, smile, tell Santa what you want for Christmas, then leave, this is definitely it!! Surely one your kids will look forward to every year! Speaking of lines, you can pre purchase your photo package receive a 30 min window of when to arrive, and skip the line, by clicking here!

This post is sponsored by Macerich/ HGTV’s Santa HQ but the content and opinions expressed herein are my own. 

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