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My top 10 tips for ‘Flying with a Baby’

My most asked question on Instagram, “do you have any tips when flying with a baby” yes! I actually did a IG story highlight on this but I figured I’d do one here that you can quickly refer back to! I recorded those tips when Ellery had been on 10 flights now she’s been on around 30ish and I have to say, my tips are the exact same 🙂

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Ellery’s Garden Party

It’s no surprise that when I was trying to think of a theme/style for Ellery’s first birthday party the first thing that came to mind was flowers, flowers, and more flowers, obviously this poor girl has had no choice but to love flowers since she was born, peep her nursery here.

I came across the  c u t e s t   flower cart that was a new business in town, popping up at local hangs and farmers markets selling their blooms and I just knew no matter what we needed that cart at ellery’s party! I pictured that little cart in the corner of my backyard with a pink pallet table lined with little kids eating Italian food. Yes, that was my dream I needed to make that happen!

Ellery’s party was one long list of DIY’s.

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hi my name is…

nicole eachus (pronounced:: (EACH-es) rhymes with peaches) well, welcome to my brand new piece of web real estate, well kind of, I’ve started this blog prob 4 times, deleted posts, kept some, started again, really one big hot mess wannabe blogger, but this is it, it’s here to stay, and I’m so excited to have this little piece of the web to share with you my journey through motherhood, learning as I go, all the fun travels our little family goes on, and all the in between.

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Inside Ellery Rose’s nursery

I’m so excited to share with you my sweet baby girl’s nursery! When it came time for me to finally put together her nursery (I didn’t start it until i was 30 weeks) I had no idea what style i wanted to go with!! I was so torn on so many different styles. I wanted to paint, I wanted full wallpaper, I wanted super girly, then I wanted not girly at all, I was all over the place!! Like my mind usually is! haha…

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Travel Diary: Our Italia Road Trip

Last summer (2016) my husband and I went on our dream Italian honeymoon. Brandon is quite the pro at trip planning, and this one well he really hit it out of the park. When we first decided we were going to take a European honeymoon our ideas were endless, we were all over the board really, but nothing quite had our hearts and stomachs quite like Italy, so a Tour of Italy was the chosen one! And what would be more fun than a road trip with my favorite guy!

So pour yourself a cup of coffee and let me you take you away on our Honeymoon Road Trip through Italy…

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