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Napa Valley, where to stay, where to eat, where to Wine.

If you know me personally or have been following me a while you know, Napa Valley is Brandon & I’s happy place, our most favorite place to travel to in the US, where we got married, and when we’re really dreaming big, we dream of starting up a boutique winery there someday…. (we dream big around this house). We’ve visited Napa Valley on the upwards of 20+ times and have never had a bad trip, truthfully they’ve been our most treasured memories and we just can’t ever get enough of it! After hundreds of DM’s asking my Napa recs I feel like this post is V. over due! So let’s get started, my personal Napa Valley, where to stay, where to eat, where to w i n e list.

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how to arrange an insta- worthy charcuterie board, the whole family will love!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know, I’m a sucker for a big beautiful charcuterie board, well actually I’ve never had a charcuterie board I didn’t love, big or small! When we travel we love to order them from all over the world and see all the unique ways people arrange them, and let me tell ya, we’ve seen some pretty incredible ones, the great thing is, there’s no wrong way to make one! Really, you just need really yummy cheeses, meats, & any other favorites from your fridge or pantry. With summer & backyard hang outs on the horizon what a better time to share how I like to arrange my “Insta worthy” charcuterie boards!

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What I packed for Europe in the Winter.

We are finally back from our 14 day trip to Europe in the winter!!

Oh boy was it a long 14 days with a 17 month old toddler and Brandon working half the trip while Ellery and I braved Stockholm’s snow blizzardy days solo, ok I’m being dramatic but it was freaking snowing, hard, we’re from cali 😉

We started our trip in Paris, then spent the weekend in Amsterdam, then 6 days in Stockholm, Sweden!

This is 15 exactly what I packed items, what I wore on repeat, and one I wish I would have

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#EachusEverAfter year 3!

November 7, 2015, I married my other half, the guy that pushes me to be a better me everyday, the one that plans all our spontaneous travels, the guy I met in my Social Entrepreneurship class in college, & just completely inspired me from the time I met him, my baby daddy, my very best friend,  Happy Anni my love!

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Eachus, party of 3 take London

Eachus family party of 3 take Europe, first up London, United Kingdom!

Brandon and I were big travelers before we had Ellery, and just about everyone who had kids told us this would change when we had her, we listened and smiled, knowing we had no idea how to be parents, but did in fact know how to travel, and that if our baby was healthy we would be continuing to travel including our International excursions, even if everyone thought we were clueless. So what did we do a  month after Ellery was born? Book our first European family vacation of course! So I’m here to tell you, just because you have a baby, or kids, you can still travel 🙂

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