my travel must haves

by | May 24, 2021 | 0 comments

If there’s one thing i know we do real good in our family it’s travel, & not in a braggy way, if you travel you understand there’s some serious tips, tricks, & must have items to make it all easier, & if you don’t have or know about the things that make traveling more seamless then you know traveling can be super overwhelming & exhausting.
we’ve literally gone on hundreds of flights over the last few years, i can confidently tell you when it comes to being efficient with must have travel items i know my stuff.

& I  finally rounded up my must have travel items for you! Each thing we use literally everytime go anywhere. my personal fav, ride or die travel must haves.

  1. My Carry On Suitcase (light, efficient packing)
  2. External Charger (this one holds the longest charge and will charge your device in lighting speed)
  3. Travel Jewlery case
  4. Luggage scale because no one wants to pay a overage charge!
  5. my Make Up Case, clear sides also great for carry on through security.
  6. Packing Cubes, if you dont use packing cubes to pack this will change your life! MUST!!
  7. Shoe bags. I hate when the bottoms of our shoes touch other things in our luggae esp. things that does easily wash.
  8. Check In Luggage, weve used these for years all over the world. both the Med. and check in size, they are the BEST!!
  9. Compact Hangers, me and B are always fighting over the hotel hangers they just never give enough this solves all!
  10. Sunglass Travel Case. compact and safe way to pack mulitple sunnies.
  11. Cosmestic Case. For all my hair products, skincare, basically everything else on my bathroom counter.
  12. Hat Holder. this fits perfect in a large suitcase from above. i can usually stack 3/4 hats inside and they dont get crushed!