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Cubo AI – the best Smart Baby Monitor of 2020

Stop the search I’ve found it, the very best baby monitor on the market! Before having Ellery I was knee-deep in baby product research, trying to make the best decisions with the products I was investing in, I needed what worked the best, made sense price-wise, and also something that could last not only for one baby but multiple (as we were hoping to have a few kids).

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Oh TWOdooles Ellery turns 2

I cannot believe my baby turned TWO!! Seriously, birthdays are so bittersweet, so thankful for another year, yet so sad time goes by so fast!! Especially when they’re young, I blinked and my baby is already negotiating with me about her bed time, juice, and popsicles, like are you a teenager or what ellery?

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#EachusEverAfter year 3!

November 7, 2015, I married my other half, the guy that pushes me to be a better me everyday, the one that plans all our spontaneous travels, the guy I met in my Social Entrepreneurship class in college, & just completely inspired me from the time I met him, my baby daddy, my very best friend,  Happy Anni my love!

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