hi my name is…

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nicole eachus (pronounced:: (EACH-es) rhymes with peaches) well, welcome to my brand new piece of web real estate, well kind of, I’ve started this blog prob 4 times, deleted posts, kept some, started again, really one big hot mess wannabe blogger, but this is it, it’s here to stay, and I’m so excited to have this little piece of the web to share with you my journey through motherhood, learning as I go, all the fun travels our little family goes on,  and all the in between.

So a little about me, I married my husband, Brandon, that I met in an entrepreneurship class in college, we were friends for over a year before we started dating, we dated, both hustled our own businesses tryin’ to live the dream (more about that later)  then got married, traveled our butts off then welcomed the real star of our family in August 2017, Ellery Rose, she’s pretty much the sweetest, cutest, little soul I’ve ever known.

A bit more about me…

I’m a new mama, well 12 months in, and my husband loves to plan spontaneous traveling trips for us, Ellery has currently been to 4 countries, 12 states, and on 41 flights! I get asked a lot on my Instagram (@nicoleeachus) about tips, travel advise for babies, itineraries, and a lot of the in betweens so I figured I finally have a real good reason to have a blog and I can’t wait to share our little life with you all, so nice to virtually meet you!

::hugs:: because I’m a hugger and we just met 🙂