Hi, I'm Nicole Eachus!

Welcome to my blog, you guessed it, my name is Nicole Eachus, & this is my little online scrapbook where I document my family life, all things mom life , travel, & my favorite fashion & beauty picks of the moment.

I live in central California, with my husband, Brandon, & two little girls, Ellery Rose & Goldie June.

Before I was a mama, I started and ran a wholesale clothing line, I was truly working my “dream job”. I started it in college — & at its peak — was in over 300 small boutiques worldwide. Sold in all Nordstrom & Lord & Taylor department stores, worn by stars of hit show “Pretty Little Liars” for their entire running series & private label designed for stores like Forever 21, Wet Seal, & PacSun… sounds like a dream right? it really was!

Towards the end of the road with my brand, there started to be a major shift in retail, things changed, I prayed about what would be next for me & that very next month I found out I was pregnant with my sweet Ellery. I decided it was time for me to close that chapter and raise a family.

Being a mama, was my “ultimate dream job” how blessed was I that I got to stay home, & take care of my baby?

Only thing was I come from a family (on all sides) where being an entrepreneur is in my blood (it was my business management option in college after all). I truly craved the feeling of being creative for purpose, figuring out ways to make money, bring people something they valued. & that’s when I decided to take being an “influence/ content creator” on IG more serious. it truly brings me joy to take cute pics of my girls, create content for products I love, share my tips of traveling with a young family, all the things in life I’m currently loving, and hoping it brings value to your days too!

So here we are, whether you’re a new follower or have been around since my clothing line days, I truly appreciate you being here, loving me, supporting me, sending you a big virtual ::hug::

Do you have any tips for flying with a baby?

Yes! Currently we’ve been on over 50+ flights with our girls (mostly Ellery) this is a great post i wrote on, my top 10 tips when flying with a baby, (for a baby under 1)

Where do you shop for your clothes?
Where do you shop for Ellery & Goldie’s clothes?
What does your husband do?

One of my most asked curious questions! Short answer, internet marketing / “internet entrepreneur”. In more techie terms he and his partners have companies around the world that invest in startups and emerging markets online and scales them.

Who plans all your trips? Do you have a travel agent?

No travel agent, Brandon plans all of them, well, except for the hotels, I’m V. picky with our hotels mostly because, we do spend so much time there because he works a lot of our trips, and also hotel life, ah it’s just my thing, it’s got to give me all the vibes. So he tells me where he wants us to go, I do all the research on the hotels. 

He’s super into the logistics of planning trips, he stays up until the wee hours piecing everything together, very VERY organized, shared google docs with all the details from itineraries, rental cars, hotels, flight routes, timing, confirmation numbers, how much we paid, what we still own, all the things. basically the very opposite of me, haha it’s definitely a hobby of his to plan trips he enjoys it! 

How many MLB parks have you guys been to now? Can you do a blog post on each of them?

If you’ve been following me on IG for a while you know, we’re on a quest to see all 30 MLB parks. Together Brandon and I are at 20 parks! We have 10 more to go! 

We set the goal, thinking what a great way to see and experience all parts of the US, all the towns & states we wouldn’t normally have any desire to go. There’s SO much different culture throughout the US, nothing opens your mind quite like traveling and seeing how other people in  your own country live.

& Yes!! I plan to do blogs on each, I’m super behind I know!