Traveling Light with BABYBJÖRN 

by | Oct 24, 2020 | 0 comments

It’s no secret traveling is our jam, I would seriously call the logicists of trip planning Brandon’s number 1 hobby, yes even before football haha and hey, I’m here for it!!
Because we travel so much, & always with our girls, we’re always on hunt for the best, most efficient travel items, and you guys, when talking travel cribs, I have found it!!
Meet, the Travel Crib Light by BABYBJÖRN in this new beautiful Dark Green color way!

When traveling, especially with babies you need the most efficient items that take up the least amount of space, & that is the number one reason BABYBJÖRN  ‘s Travel Crib Light is such a win in our book!

There’s a lot of travel crib’s out there, why is BABYBJÖRN  Travel Crib Light the best?

Let me first start off by telling you the reality of what you’re going to get with any other travel crib on the market. They’re hard to set up (literally, we’ve gotten some at hotels that we legit cannot ever set up, we’ve had to call for help), they’re big and don’t collapse small enough for it fit in our trunk along with our luggage, & they’re just heavy, making taking it anywhere a chore.

So now let’s talk about the BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light, they’re NONE of that!! Seriously, I truly have not seen a more efficient travel crib for us to take with us on any of our adventures, it’s safe, simple, & lightweight. You can set it up, by yourself,  in one easy movement. It comes with a comfy mattress & easy to pack carry bag that sits perfectly on your shoulder so your hands are free to hold your baby or your luggage. It’s perfect for newborns up to 3 years old, getting you lots of use out of it with your growing babies. A couple other pros, the sides are mesh, so you can keep an eye on your baby, while they’re able to look out and see you too! Last but not least, this dark green color is CHIC! no tacky kiddie prints, the dark green elevates it in such a stylish way, where you won’t hate having it in your room or living areas. If you have company coming it’s truly EASY to collapse and put away for later use.

With the Holidays approaching I love that I can easily take it to whatever family member’s house were at and put Goldie down for her naps in it. We always do Thanksgiving at my moms and she lives an hour away with no baby crib, so this will be super convenient to take with us and keep Goldie on her usual nap schedule! Perfect if you’re traveling for holidays to stay with extended family & you need a safe place for your baby to sleep! I truly,  cannot reccomnd this BABYBJÖRN  Travel Crib Light, enough!

See it in action at our house below! It’s currently in our master bedroom 🙂