Travel Diary: Tulum, Mexico

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Hey Guys! So I finally went through all our Tulum trip pictures, man oh man I had so many, it was so hard for me to weed through them and decide which ones to share with you. So as you know from my previous post we went to Tulum, Mexico for a few days in April and stayed at Be Tulum (see inside our dreamy oasis here) I highly recommend! I’d been hearing a lot about Tulum for the last few years of it being the “it” very zen place to be, so the week before our trip I really wanted to do my Pinterest research and make sure I knew what was a must see and must eat so I could really make sure I got the best out of Tulum. The main thing I kept seeing ,that was a must do, was dine at Hartwood, to say that there is a bit of a cult-following feel to this place is an understatement. To get a table here I kept reading was going to be the task of the trip. Other than that we had absolutely no plans, and it was so nice just to do whatever felt good, sounded good, and tasted good at the time. Come along as I take you back through our Tulum trip…

Welcome to Tulum

Starting off at our hotel, Be Tulum. The food is by far one of the best stops in Tulum, literally everything we tried (and we tried a lot) was amazing! Breakfast, Guac, Lunch, Guac, Dinner, and Guac hehe if you can guess we had chips and guac with literally every meal and it was so good!!! (I recommend doing the guac thing with every meal)  These first pics are all from our hotel, such a chill very relaxing, spa like place to stay.

The Hartword hack

We literally could have just stayed at our hotel the entire time but of course we had to see what the rest of the Tulum hype was about! We knew we wanted to eat at Hartwood so the second we checked in we asked about it, good thing because we found out they’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and because we were only in town for a few days our first night was our only chance to eat there. The front desk at our hotel told us in order for you to get a table there you had to go stand in line starting at 3pm to put your name down (they’re only open for dinner) and apparently the line is always a mile long (this was true too btw). Since we were only in town for a few days we didn’t want to waste our first day in line so they offered us a service where we could pay a taxi driver $40 to stand in line for us and get us our dinner reservation, we were sold! And we got a table at our preferred time! If you don’t mind spending the extra $$ definitely do that if your hotel offers it!

If I could say one thing about Hartwood is, Believe the Hype!! An open air jungle oasis where all the food is grown or caught locally, as fresh as it gets, cooked over an open fire nestled in between trees in the jungle.

The Tulum strip

Ok now on to the exploring of the Tulum strip! We stumbled across this super cute boutique hotel called Coqui Coqui that makes some amazing perfumes, has a killer spa (pretty sure most of the hotels in Tulum do, and only has 8 rooms. So chances are this place books fast. We had the best time exploring, one beach bar after another everyone being so welcoming and sweet, we just drank and ate our way down the strip on Tulum.

Shopping in Tulum

This is an idea of the shopping in Tulum, yes you guessed it, like everything else nestled into the jungle were the cutest open air beach boutiques. Such a cool effortless vibe to the clothing, beautiful hand made dreamcatchers, fringed hammocks, hand poured candles, and so much more, think the mothership of Anthro.

Papaya Playa Project

Our next stop, Papaya Playa Project, another great hotel for you guessed it, chips, guac, & spicy margs!

Casa Banana

Another highly recommend dinner spot is Cassa Bananaaa, no really “casa banana” haha, it’s kind of a fun inside joke, said with our best Spanish accent, in our house because our driver that picked us up from the airport in Cancun went on and on about this place, told us we needed to eat here every single day, we thought for sure he owned the place 😉  So we of course had dinner there and it definitely did not disappoint! Again some of the best food we’ve ever eaten. Not a bad meal or dish in Tulum I tell ya!

Till next time Tulum

We couldn’t have had a better experience in Tulum! It’s truly is a magical place, believe all the hype and put this spot on your bucket list. We will definitely be back soon! Till next time Tulum…