Travel Diary: Tulum, Mexico – where we stayed

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Welcome to our Oasis at Be Tulum…

If you’ve never heard of Tulum it’s pretty much heaven on earth! It’s a small strip of town nestled in-between a thick jungle, yes a real life jungle, the cutest boutique hotels one after another, a long strip of beach with crisp white sand, and the yummiest open air restaurants you can ever imagine! “Where the Sea meets the Jungle” they say.

After 2 years of dreaming  of this Pinterest  dream vacation my husband surprised me with a trip to Tulum for my birthday, the catch, I had to wait two in half months to go so we could get the dreamiest room (books up fast)  at one of Tulum’s dreamiest boutique hotels, Be Tulum, finally in April, we were off…

Welcome to our little oasis at Be Tulum!

Be Tulum

We set our transportation up from the airport to Tulum through our hotel, they had someone pick us up at the airport hassle free and we were to our hotel in about 2 hours. Big tip most blogs don’t tell you about, yes it takes 2 hours from the airport, set up this before your trip through your hotel to avoid any struggles once you get to Mexico being that you may not be fluent in Spanish, because let’s be honest 3 years in high school Spanish only get’s you so far. 2 hours later, we were here!!

Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this airy, exotic hotel is a minute’s walk from the beach and a serious dream, with only 20 rooms, 2 of them being the Ocean suite that we got looking onto the ocean, with our own private pool/ jacuzzi on our roof, really I felt like I was in a dream the entire trip!

From the time we got to our hotel, every person at the resort knew our names and treated us with the greatest hospitality I’ve ever experienced! Our room wasn’t quite ready when we got there because we took a red eye so they set us up with a table over looking the ocean, a couple be smoothies, biscuits, homemade jellies, and breakfast! Really I can’t say enough about the food at this resort!

Scroll down to check out the rest of this cute little boutique hotel we stayed at, and our dreamy Ocean Suite. I can’t say enough about this hotel! Made our first Tulum experience seriously a dream!!

A dream in Telum

Peep inside our Ocean Suite Oasis!  Yes that’s our balcony, and our own private pool on our roof!? crazy huh! We swam every day, usually twice once mid day, then either a sunset swim watching the sun go down or a midnight swim gazing at the brightest starry sky we’ve both every witnessed. This place was a serious dream! If you get the chance to go to Tulum I highly recommend Betulum! 100% my thoughts we paid for not one of those sponsored posts, although that sure would have been nice! haha

The most pinned bar in Telum…

& There it is guys, the most pinned bar in Tulum that may or may not have convinced me we needed to stay here! #kidding or am I?

outfit dets

Swim suit // Beach Riot

Hat: Ale by Alessandra

Shorts // Blank NYC