Inside Ellery Rose’s nursery

by | Oct 12, 2017 | girl mom, lifestyle | 21 comments

I’m so excited to share with you my sweet baby girl’s nursery! When it came time for me to finally put together her nursery (I didn’t start it until i was 30 weeks) I had no idea what style i wanted to go with!! I was so torn on so many different styles. I wanted to paint, I wanted full wallpaper, I wanted super girly, then I wanted not girly at all, I was all over the place!! Like my mind usually is! haha

So, Brandon shot my wallpaper idea down pretty quick, he said It was too big of a commitment for our walls,  knowing me I’d want to change this all out before long, so I decided to figure something out where I could keep the walls the light swiss coffee color. 

First I found the hanging shelf! I knew I had to have this for Ellery’s room so I decided to plan the room around it! I wanted to keep the room very neutral and airy, with flowers, because flowers are my absolute favorite thing to buy, and girly!

beautifully shot by: Megan Welker Photograph

Can you count the rabbits?

So the theme, earthy whimsical with pops of a few Rabbit’s here and there 😉 How many can you spot? (answer at end of post)

Little ellery’s nursery

Hope you enjoyed peeking into Ellery Rose’s nursery as much as I enjoyed putting it together 🙂

(answer: So if you counted the rabbit’s there was 9 🙂 )