What I packed for Europe in the Winter.

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We are finally back from our 14 day trip to Europe in the winter!!

Oh boy was it a long 14 days with a 17 month old toddler and Brandon working half the trip while Ellery and I braved Stockholm’s snow blizzardy days solo, ok I’m being dramatic but it was freaking snowing, hard, we’re from cali 😉

We started our trip in Paris, then spent the weekend in Amsterdam, then 6 days in Stockholm, Sweden!

This is 15 exactly what I packed items, what I wore on repeat, and one I wish I would have (the boots, you need stylish snow boots if your going anywhere in the snow in Europe, I was a California rookie).

So through the last couple years of me becoming a mama, traveling a lot more, my style has changed big time! I used to be that super trendy girl with a statement outfit on everyday, (I was the girl in high school that came from an elementary school where I wore uniforms thinking I couldn’t wear the same full outfit twice once I got to high school, so dumb I know, anywhoo),  well when you become a mama and you travel you learn to streamline your style, more basic quality pieces, that you can mix and match, wear over and over without someone thinking hey didn’t you already wear that, or actually no one thinks that way! haha

The basics I brought

So my style for this trip was basically nice high waisted denim (that I live in back home), or black leggings, black or white mock neck laying tops or sweater, a statement jacket, & either boots or my new favorite sneakers!

See how I break it down with links after the pic 🙂

1 // mock neck

These are my favorite mock neck long sleeves at the moment, they’re so flattering, price & quality is great (thank you free people), I have them in 4 colors and loved them for this trip!

2 // berber – checked coat

2 // teddy shag coat

My 2 statement coats of the trip that I loved!! The berber patterned one I got during Black Friday at Anthro and I know it keeps selling out just in case they have your size here’s the link! size down, I’m wearing an xs!

& this teddy coat from Tularosa is so incredibly comfortable!! so lightweight (doesn’t make you look bulky), and so comfortable! Im also wearing an xs in this one.

3 // beret

I was going to Paris so I need a beret, right? Plus I just really love them right now! This one is perfect!! best fit, best quality, best price! On sale for $18! beats all the target ones! (I tired them all)

4 // black button front

4 // denim button front

My all time favorite everyday jeans are 1000% madewell! I  get asked this all the time. Im 5’2 my waist is tiny but I have bigger hips and hello that full blooded Portuguese booty you get by default if your full Portuguese from Tulare 😉 and these fit me so well!! They’re super stretchy, you can wear them over and over and when you wash them they don’t shrink, don’t take  2 wears for them to fit again, they’re golden, worth every penny,  these are my  latest go to’s I wear all the time!

5 // gold medium hoops

Hoops I always have a small pair of gold hoops on, I have a smaller pair I love from madewell that they don’t have anymore 🙁 these are a med pair I just got and love, so on trend and timeless! Their quality is great they don’t turn your ear green and I wear my small ones everyday without taking them off to shower.

6 // hand warmers

6 // toe warmers

Hand warmers, toe warmers, thank goodness Brandon thinks of these things because they were a must!! Especially of your exploring Europe in the winter!

7 // sweater to wear oversized  with leggings

The madewell sweaters I wore all trip are sold out so I found this one at American Eagle that I also love, price is great and goes perfect with black leggings and boots!

8 // new fav vintage style denim

My new favorite NON- madewell jeans I bought for this trip that I freaking LOVE!! personally I’ve never found a pair of Levi’s that have fit me well, prob because of how my body is built and these are it!! they’re amazing very different from my madewell jeans, they’re super high waisted and give that vintage fit, but still have a little stretch in them,  & flattering. I highly recommend them, if you’re into that sorta thing.

9 // spanx leggings

Leggings that you can wear during the day that aren’t work out leggings. They suck you in, aren’t see through, they’re a little pricey but I love these!! Perfect paired with your oversized sweaters, and boots. They wash great!!  I sized up to a med.

10 // scarf

A black basic scarf, in the winter, in Europe, you need!! A jacket isn’t warm enough, I ordered this from Amazon, great price, great quality!

11 // chelsea boots

I love these Chelsea boots!! I bought them before our winter NYC trip, and I’ve worn the heck out of them!! So stylish, practical, and go with any outfit, also I wore them all day walking around in NYC for 5 days and my feet never hurt. #winning

12 // sneakers

my new favorite sneakers I’m obbsessed with!! Everyone’s into the white sneaker look right now, and although the golden goose’s are so cute, no thanks on spending that much for dirty sneakers, I got Brandon this same Veja brand a few months ago and he loves them too! Veja sneakers are all about transparency, organic materials and fair trade sourcing from France. & Megan Markle wears them 😉 I really like this all white pair I found from Shopbop!

13 // winter boots

The boots I wish I had in Sweden! If your going to a snowy place, listen to me, YOU NEED SNOW BOOTS, lol and I really like these stylish yet practical ones by Sorel! And these from this  link are on sale! I hear they’re super comfortable and stylish, in Stockholm all the girls had these type of snow boots on, stylish yet for the snow!

14 // most comfy cardigan ever 

These next two are my comfy plane must haves. Have you ever heard of Barefoot Dreams? Basically the best softest blankets ever!!! Pricey, but man cozy AF!! This cardigan is Barefoot Dreams and I’ve been wearing it on repeat in my house (I have the taupe color one), it’s like wearing blanket, the softest blanket! I wore it on the plane, around the hotel room, and now that I’m home again I wear it every single day. Basically ill be wearing it until summer haha I found it on sale for you guys from QVC with this link 🙂 You’ll thank me later I promise you 🙂

15 // best leggings ever

My every day live in leggings, literally, they’re even called that. I legit have 7 pairs I usually get them during the big Nordy’s sale, worth every penny, I have 2 pairs I’ve had for over 5 years and they’re still in perfect shape, they suck you in  (no see through cellulite, sorry Lulu sometimes you just don’t work for me), and wash SO well!! I took a few pairs of these, wore them on all our travel days with my sneakers & Barefoot Dreams cardigan. (I wear a small).

Hope you guys liked this kinda post! I haven’t done a photoshop collage since my Royal Rabbit days and boy did I miss it! I was rusty ill get these really looking good with time, but this was so fun for me to put together and I enjoyed the heck out of it, let me know if you liked it, what you wanna see more of on my latest IG post 🙂

Happy Saturday!