3 Years ordering HelloFresh, now our household must!!

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It’s been 3 years since we first started getting HelloFresh. Never did I imagine when ordering for the first time we’d still be getting it 3 years later. After getting HelloFresh consistantly, with our growing, busy family, I can truly say it’s a convenience very high on our priority list. I’ve always enjoyed cooking but as life has gotten busier, my babies growing to busy toddlers, the last thing I want to spend time on is dinner planning and grocery shopping for all the ingredients. HelloFresh allows me to be able to still cook a nutritious yummy meal for my family without any of the pre-planning or grocery store fuss.

How does HELLOFRESH work?

You start by picking your plan!

There’s a few different options you can choose from to make sure you get the best type of meals that will fit your needs best! Options are, meat & veggies, veggie, family friendly, calorie smart, quick & easy, & pescatarian.

Next, customize your plan. How many people are you feeding? & How many days a week do you want meals for? You can get it as little as 2, as much as 5!

Each meal takes on average 30 minutes to prepare, all ingredients for each recipe is in it’s own bag, all packed in a cold box that’ll keep your meals fresh on the hottest of days sitting on your porch all day!

Not only is HelloFresh convenient but their meals are seriously delicious, restaurant quality meals you’re actually cooking yourself! pro tip: safe your favorite HelloFresh recipe meal cards for the nights you don’t have any meals left!

*below are some example meals I made this last month!

How much does HELLOFRESH really cost?

It varies depending on which plan you get, & how many people you’re feeding, but because this is always a big question I get, I thought i’d put together an estimated simple example! 

HelloFresh is an estimated $7.49 for 3 meals a week for 4 people. With the quality of these meals and all the conivence that comes with it, it’s been a continued 3 year win in my book! My favorite dinner nights of the week! 

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  *This post is sponsored but HelloFresh. As always all opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand.*