Best Homemade meals you’ll ever make

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Let’s talk about dinner time.
Do you make dinner for your family nightly/ few times a week? How much time goes into dinner planning, grocery shopping?
Do you dread the what’s for dinner question?
How many times a week do you get take out?
Do you need an easier solution to making dinner more enjoyable for your family?
Before kids I loved to make things I’d find on Pinterest, carve out time in my week,  go to the grocery store buy all the things I needed for these meals, I was constantly switching things up.
Fast forward to life now. Easy, efficient, and taking advantage of all the modern day dinner options is my jam. Especially if you have kids, you don’t have extra time to waste when you can take advantage of modern day conveniences.
If you haven’t tried a meal service, to your door, you’re really working too hard. & If you haven’t tried HelloFresh your truly missing out on the best one out there (trust me I’ve tried a few),  my personal dinner time, Mom Hack I constantly rave to all my family and friends about. 

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’ve been ordering HelloFresh for years, it’s become a dinner staple and way of life in our home when it comes to dinner time. Homemade, ready to be cooked meals delivered straight to my door. I’ve gotten real spoiled and now only make about 3 other meals (on repeat) on my own (max) and then we eat out at least once a week. With HelloFresh I don’t have to think about a thing, I get 3 meals weekly, delivered to my door in a cold box (where things actually stay cold, even in 115 degree Fresno heat), with all the ingredients I need for each meal (well the only thing you’ll need on hand is salt, pepper, olive oil and maybe butter). In all the years we’ve been getting HelloFresh we’ve never had a meal we didn’t like, always so full of flavor and so different than anything I’d normally make. 

What kind of meals are we getting on an average week?  

Let me show you what we got this week, & what my finished meals look like. Let me add, I’m no chef, so if I can make these meals, anyone can. Their step by step instructions make every meal so easy! You’ll be cooking meals that will impress your whole family.

 & they tasted even better than they look!

Added benefits to HelloFresh

I just recently realized they have an app, and it has been the cherry on top to all the things I already love about HelloFresh. They have a great app with all their recipes and their great step by step directions. There’s been a few times I’ve misplaced my menu cards, &  I’ve been able to go on the app and pull everything up. This is also great if you really love a recipe and want to buy all the ingredients to make it on your own time you can do that too! Here’s a couple screen shots to show you how well done their app is, and their great step by step meal directions. 

Are you ready to order?

If you’re ready to make your dinner life easier and give HelloFresh a try, you can use my coupon code, “14NICOLE” for up to 14 free meals plus free shipping and 3 surprise gifts! The thing i tell my close friends when they ask me if it’s truly worth it, price-wise is, 1000% I do, because good homemade meals, & convenience is huge in our home. & with this discount how can you not try it, sign up, use the discount, try it, you can pause it or easily cancel if it’s not for you, no strings attached!

So in that case, how can you not just try it?! If you value yummy, homemade meals for your family and convenience, I know you’ll be hooked like us!

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*This post is sponsored but HelloFresh. As always all opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand.*