Ellery’s Garden Party

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It’s no surprise that when I was trying to think of a theme/style for Ellery’s first birthday party the first thing that came to mind was flowers, flowers, and more flowers, obviously this poor girl has had no choice but to love flowers since she was born, peep her nursery here.

I came across the  c u t e s t   flower cart that was a new business in town, popping up at local hangs and farmers markets selling their blooms and I just knew no matter what we needed that cart at ellery’s party! I pictured that little cart in the corner of my backyard with a pink pallet table lined with little kids eating Italian food. Yes, that was my dream I needed to make that happen!

Ellery’s party was one long list of DIY’s.

Ellery’s birthday party was one big labor of love, even with the balloon background looking nothing like it was supposed to, her party was the reality of all my garden party dreams for my baby girl.

Keep scrolling for a night of fun at Ellery’s Garden Party beautifully captured by my gal, Megan Welker.

DIY Birthday Delight

First on my list was a Donut board, I’m obsessed with donuts, always have been, (when I was little, like 8 years old, in the summer, my sis and I would go to work with my dad and he would give us $5, we would walk to the donut shop down the street and load up on donuts, we legit did this every morning #chubbychildhood) I had donuts at my wedding, donuts at my baby shower, so obviously it was only appropriate that we have donuts at Ellery’s first birthday! So my step dad, mom, and I DIYed a huge donut board that ended up being one of my favorite party details!

My mom and I DIYed the perfect pallet table for the kids table,  and what’s a first birthday party without balloons? My sis in law helped me blow up over 150 balloons, in which a bunch got popped and the whole thing launched over the neighbors fence 10 min before everyone got there, but hey those are the memories we remember about throwing parties right?

ellery’s outfit // Standard of Grace

ellery & nicole’s flower crown // Mason & Harlow

nicole’s dress // free people

pallet table // nicole’s diy

rug // overstock

daisy plates, cups, napkins // meri meri 

flower centerpieces // nicole’s diy

bubble bar // nicole’s diy

Pot your own flowers // nicole’s diy

flower cart // flora flower cart

donut board: nicole’s diy

cup cakes & cake // homemade by nicole

ellery is one, cake topper // Rustic Wonderland

cake & food table arrangements // homemade by nicole

ellery’s birthday hat: lalalolashop

one highchair garland: nicole’s diy (similar gold style)

diy activities // face painting, coloring, paint your pot & bubble blowing

enjoy all the cuteness and fun!

happy birthday ellery

*updated in 2020 — I cannot believe ellery is 2 now – check out her twoodles party here








party details 

photography: Megan Welker 

ellery’s outfit: Standard of Grace

ellery & nicole’s flower crown: Mason & Harlow

nicole’s dress: free people

flower cart: flora flower cart

pallet table: nicole’s diy

donut board: nicole’s diy

cup cakes & cake: homemade by nicole

daisy plates, cups, napkins: meri meri 

flower centerpieces: nicole’s diy

rug: overstock

one highchair garland: nicole’s diy (similar gold style)

ellery is one, cake topper: Rustic Wonderland

ellery’s birthday hat: lalalolashop