Oh TWOdooles Ellery turns 2

by | Oct 31, 2019 | family, girl mom, lifestyle | 2 comments

I cannot believe my baby turned TWO!! Seriously, birthdays are so bittersweet, so thankful for another year, yet so sad time goes by so fast!! Especially when they’re young, I blinked and my baby is already negotiating with me about her bed time, juice, and popsicles, like are you a teenager or what ellery?

So excited to share her 2nd Birthday party with you all!! I promised her and my mother in law I would do Minnie Mouse because Ellery just really really loves Minnie, like it’s insane how much! But you know me, no way I can give up all control and make this a hot pink Minnie party, I know that day will come but for now I still win all negotiations with the 2 year old 😉 I wanted to keep the colors light but still fun, girlie, and lots of activities! Nothing is worse than having a ton of kids over your very adult like backyard and feel like you don’t have enough to entertain them, well at least to me, I’m all about the activities for the kids so that was the focus of ellery’s party.

Kid friendly food, activities, & table, it’s a kid’s party after all right?!

So first things first, I needed a kids table for a lot of kids, I decided on a ground boho style situation like we did for her first birthday, but a little different, luckily I found a company in town that rents them, add in lots of Ikea pillows for them to sit on and boom, we have the cutest kid table that can literally fit A TON of kids!

Next up, Activities!

Such an important part of a kid’s party to me! I always want my kid’s parties to be all about the kids, lots of fun activities so they truly have a bunch of fun! Keeping with the Minnie theme I decided on two little stations, “Cookie Creations” & “Coloring Corner”. At the “Cookie Creations” station I had my sister make her crowd favorite sugar cookies in Mickey face shaped, where the kids got to decorate cookies with frosting, sprinkles, all the messy stuff.

Then my “Coloring Corner” I downloaded custom Minnie & friends Birthday coloring printables from Etsy, then printed them so all the kids could color them and take them home! Coloring is currently Ellery’s favorite thing to do so I figured it’d be a hit!! No surprise, it was!

The never fail pink bounce house

Then if all else failed, since our backyard is very adult, no kid toys, my husband currently refuses to let me get a play house, but he did agree on a big pink castle bounce house that we can bring out when we have kids over! So I found the cutest all pink bounce house on Amazon, which was obviously a major hit!

Scroll through to peep the rest of the party, all details will be linked at the bottom of the post 🙂

Details on where I got everything from

This party was really something special! It was such a fun day, not stressful, and all the kids truly had a blast, doesn’t get any better than that when having a party am I right?!

*follow me on Instagram, I shared under my highlights “E’s 2nd Bday” a step by step video how I put together the backdrop!

Comment below any other questions you might have that I missed!