Eachus, party of 3 take London

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Eachus family party of 3 take Europe, first up London, United Kingdom!

Brandon and I were big travelers before we had Ellery, and just about everyone who had kids told us this would change when we had her, we listened and smiled, knowing we had no idea how to be parents, but did in fact know how to travel, and that if our baby was healthy we would be continuing to travel including our International excursions, even if everyone thought we were clueless. So what did we do a  month after Ellery was born? Book our first European family vacation of course! So I’m here to tell you, just because you have a baby, or kids, you can still travel 🙂

We road-tripped Italy on our honeymoon (read about it here) and It was thee most magical amazing experience the both of us had ever done, we knew we had to make our favorite place in Italy the main part of our trip, more of that to come, but since we had to fly into a big major city why not experience a new spot, with the Royal Wedding just a week before our trip I thought, how cool would it be to do London and soak up all the Royal Wedding bliss!

And we were off!

So we flew from Fresno to Salt Lake City, then Salt Lake to London. Thanks to our love for American Express we were able to use our points and book Delta first class, spoiled I know. The airline credit cards, Amex, point cards, etc are the real deal guys if you don’t use one you should look into it 🙂

Alright grab your coffee and take a trip to London with us…

When // May 2018

Where // London, United Kingdom

Where we stayed // The Laslett

When booking our hotels we’ll usually book SPG, Amex fine hotels travel, Hiltons, basically any that we get loyalty rewards with because we love all the perks! But sometimes (this entire trip actually) Brandon agrees to let me pick the hotel outside of our rewards list.

In London I knew I wanted to stay in Notting Hill, I wanted  a vibrant, trendy quant little area, no mainstream corporate thing. I stumbled upon The Laslett, & I was sold!! seriously everything about this hotel I was so into! It’s style, it’s charm, it’s vibe, and it’s neighborhood. It was everything their website made it look like and more (which if you travel you know what I mean by this, the hotels don’t always match their website, just sayin’).

We made it to London!

We got to London, one of our luggage’s was in Amsterdam, yep the one with all ellery’s clothes and necessities but hey were in London, nothing was going to put a damper on our trip, no even the 10 hour flight my poor daughter cried most of the time on.

We went straight to our hotel dropped off our bags (we were early so we had to wait to get our room) then walked to the  c u t e s t   area, Westbourne Grove and stopped at the first ridiculously cute restaurant we saw, Beach Blanket Babylon, for a bite to eat. It was SO extra, so glam, so not for kids or our casual plane clothes, basically it was perfect for our first London experience! Just peep their IG  you’ll see what I mean!

Notting Hill!

After lunch we experienced the true chicness of Notting Hill, we walked in and out all of the ridiculously chic boutiques, bought ellery her first “London designer” dress, because we were going to Kensington Palace next and remember all her cute clothes were in Amsterdam, got some coffee’s (at this point it was like 1pm and felt like 6pm (hello time change) then strolled back to our hotel.


We got into our adorable room, freshened up, did a little happy hour at the hotel, then Ubered to our first stop, The Chelsea Flower Show, this show is once a year, what are the odds, the same time we are there, I’m crazy obsessed with flowers if you didn’t know, so when I saw this was going on the same time we were going to be in London it was 100% at the top of my list. Seriously, just peep this hashtag #chelseaflowershow.

So many of the store fronts were decorated with the most insane flower displays it literally blew my mind, the pictures are cool, but ah in person it was just incredible!!

Kensington Palace

Next stop was Kensington Palace! What American girl doesn’t want to see where all the Royals live? We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging in the gardens, walked through the gift shop, and made up fake  scenarios where Prince Harry & Megan’s wing must be & how Ellery will be the next American to marry into the Royal family, hey a mama can dream right?!

London Eye

We then hoped in an Uber and went to the London Eye, (Brandon thought we might jump on for a ride, well apparently so did thousands of other people),  SO many people in this area, so touristy, so not our thing, we took a few pics then got back in an Uber and headed back to our quaint little hotel we loved so much for dinner.

Afternoon Tea

The next day, we had our reservations at the one place in London I had been dying to go to for years!!! Afternoon tea at Sketch, if you’ve ever been on Pinterest & searched London, you’ve seen Sketch! We got a reservation for their Mayfair Flower Show “A Royal Floral Tour” afternoon tea, where they served all Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s favorites, with the most beautiful live flower displays throughout, a true London tea party experience!!

What a dream

All the tiny sandwiches, caviar, champagne, tea, crumpets, I mean I couldn’t decide if I was pretending to be Alice in Wonderland or Princess Diana.

To top it off, Ellery was such a angel, she sat there so good, for our entire 3 hour experience, falling asleep the last 30 min. She was 9 months old when we went, she didn’t want down, it was such a great age!

Coppa Coppa Club

The last place we knew we wanted to eat at in London ( if you didn’t know we plan our trips around the restaurants, because, what’s a better way to experience that place’s culture?) was  Coppa Club, thanks to Anthro sharing thee most dreamy photo! OK,  this experience was truly the cherry on top of our time in London! So about a month or so maybe longer before the trip I made reservations for an early brunch right when they opened for a spot in one of their infamous bubbles! It was the only available reservation in a bubble, it worked out perfect because we were flying out to our next spot that afternoon. So, we woke up bright and early, ubered across town, we got to  Coppa Club and there wasn’t anyone else there but a few workers, no one at the hostess stand, no music playing, I asked Brandon to double check our reservation and make sure we didn’t mix this up, checked our reservation, nope we were right. I found a hostess and told them we were there for our reservation and she looked at me puzzled and said oh I’m so sorry were closed today for a “bank holiday” random day in May, I told her we had a reservation, and pulled it up on my phone and showed her and she was even more confused! She went to the back and showed her manager that we indeed had a reservation, she came back and said we’ll it’s a good thing the cooks are in today, she turned up the music told us to pick wherever we wanted to sit, and just like that we not only scored a spot in one of Coppa Club‘s  infamous bubbles we got the whole darn restaurant to ourselves!! How does that even happen!!?

Tata for now London

Ellery slept through our entire brunch, and Brandon and I had without a doubt one of our top 3 dates ever!!

Best way ever to end our time in London!!

If your planning a trip, both Sketch & Coppa Club reservations are a   m u s t!!!

Until next time London!