Author: Nicole

Hello Fresh Even when we Travel 

if you’ve been here a while you know, it’s no secret we love HelloFresh, we love the meals, i love that i don’t have to go grocery shopping or meal plan for dinners, and that it gets delivered straight to my door.
This weekend we decided to take a little road trip to Joshua Tree, we rented an awesome house nestled in the middle of the desert, just the 4 of us. Only kicker was we were about 25 min from town and loading up the girls to go get dinner somewhere and sit outside didn’t sound enjoyable with the low desert temps, so I was left to figure out what our dinners would be.

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Making daily life easier in 2021 with hellofresh

Here we are, in that weird time between Christmas and New Years, when all the holiday magic slowly disappears and the new year starts to sneak up on us crazy fast. I don’t know about you, but the LAST thing I want to do is plan out a dinner for my family right now! 

Between taking down Christmas decorations, cleaning up the house and reflecting on the new memories we made, I have just about zero desire to head to the grocery store. It’s definitely times like these when HelloFresh absolutely saves me- i don’t have to leave my house, the fresh meals are pre proportioned and delivered to my door step. 

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