Hello Fresh Even when we Travel 

by | Feb 27, 2021 | 0 comments

if you’ve been here a while you know, it’s no secret we love HelloFresh, we love the meals, i love that i don’t have to go grocery shopping or meal plan for dinners, and that it gets delivered straight to my door.
This weekend we decided to take a little road trip to Joshua Tree, we rented an awesome house nestled in the middle of the desert, just the 4 of us. Only kicker was we were about 25 min from town and loading up the girls to go get dinner somewhere and sit outside didn’t sound enjoyable with the low desert temps, so I was left to figure out what our dinners would be.

Taking HelloFresh with us on our adventures.

Then it dawned on me, luckily I had fresh HelloFresh meals!  I thought, wow this could not be more perfect!
Each HelloFresh meal is separated by brown bag, all the ingredients you need for that meal in it’s own bag, it was so easy to take with us to our AirBnb for the weekend.
Once we got to the house, unloaded, and it was time to start dinner i was just so excited, excited to be at this beautiful house in the desert and making my favorite meals that I knew we would all love.
No waste, no bags of groceries, just perfectly measured ingredients, everything i needed to make our dinner.
And to no surprise it turned out just as yummy as it always does.

As the girls get older and travel is a little different these days,  we’ve really enjoyed renting nice Airbnb’s and making them feel like home, & nothing really makes them feel like home quite like a home cooked meal. HelloFresh is always my go to, why go back to weekly meal planning when it’s as delicious and convenient as it is! 

*This post is sponsored but HelloFresh. As always all opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand.*