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Travel Diary: Tulum, Mexico

Hey Guys! So I finally went through all our Tulum trip pictures, man oh man I had so many, it was so hard for me to weed through them and decide which ones to share with you. So as you know from my previous post we went to Tulum, Mexico for a few days in April and stayed at Be Tulum (see inside our dreamy oasis here) I highly recommend! I’d been hearing a lot about Tulum for the last few years of it being the “it” very zen place to be, so the week before our trip I really wanted to do my Pinterest research and make sure I knew what was a must see and must eat so I could really make sure I got the best out of Tulum. The main thing I kept seeing ,that was a must do, was dine at Hartwood, to say that there is a bit of a cult-following feel to this place is an understatement. To get a table here I kept reading was going to be the task of the trip. Other than that we had absolutely no plans, and it was so nice just to do whatever felt good, sounded good, and tasted good at the time. Come along as I take you back through our Tulum trip…

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Travel Diary: Tulum, Mexico – where we stayed

Welcome to our Oasis at BeTulum…

If you’ve never heard of Tulum it’s pretty much heaven on earth! It’s a small strip of town nestled in-between a thick jungle, yes a real life jungle, the cutest boutique hotels one after another, a long strip of beach with crisp white sand, and the yummiest open air restaurants you can ever imagine! “Where the Sea meets the Jungle” they say.

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Travel Diary: Our 1st time to NYC

OK here’s a major #TBT for ya, our first time to NYC in June 2014…

How to do be the Ultimate Tourist on a twenty something budget.

Since I was a little girl the idea of going to NYC was always my ultimate goal trip, in so many movies, that big city life, statue of liberty, empire state building, central park, the terrible 9/11 tragedy just so much to see that I had heard of for so long. So Christmas of 2013 my now husband surprised me with a trip to NYC to be the ultimate tourist (what a guy right).

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