Cubo Ai Review & Comparison – The Best Smart Baby Monitor of 2020

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Stop the search I’ve found it, the very best baby monitor on the market! Before having Ellery I was knee-deep in baby product research, trying to make the best decisions with the products I was investing in, I needed what worked the best, made sense price-wise, and also something that could last not only for one baby but multiple (as we were hoping to have a few kids).

When it came time for me to find a baby monitor, gosh that was my toughest find. I just couldn’t find any I thought were on top of today’s technology, with clear enough screens that I could actually see what my baby was doing. I ended up getting the Angelcare AC527 baby monitor, and well to be 100% transparent here I never liked it, even though it was supposed to be one of the best out. Fast forward to 2.5 years later, having Goldie, I literally found the BEST baby monitor out, major plus, it’s absolutely beautiful!

Let me introduce you to Cubo Ai

A smart baby monitor that was created by a pediatrician, ai experts & parents in tech, I’d say in 2020 it doesn’t get any better than that!!

I’ve been using the Cubo Ai for over a month now, I first started using it with Ellery (2.5 years old) as she was still sleeping in the nursery, I loved how clear the camera was, how I was alerted when she woke up scared in the middle of the night, I was able to talk to her through the app and tell her she was ok and that she could go back to sleep now. But what makes it a next level baby product of the future? Let me tell you in my Cubo Ai review 🙂

Unboxing Cubo Ai & the best baby monitor app!

Let me just start by saying NO tools needed! If you have a baby and know the struggle of putting together baby gadgets — you know the struggle. The Cubo Ai can be set up 3 different ways: crib stand, floor stand, or mobile stand (which can be moved anywhere around the house or taken with you when you travel). As soon as you have it set up, you download the Cubo app in the app store, connect by using the monitor camera to scan the QR code on your phone and boom, you have a working Cubo, smart baby monitor with HD camera & screen.

My Favorite Cubo Ai Features

So many things I love about Cubo Ai, but let’s talk features. Cubo Ai has 5 really great features, & what’s great about them is they pop up on your phone and alert you with a live image of what’s going on with your baby. Cubo alerts you when your baby is crying —  my most used feature —  the “cry detection alert”, & uses its smart technology to tell you if your baby’s face is covered, which personally gives me so much peace of mind! It’s got HD night vision, which again, is huge if you’ve ever used any other brand of baby monitor. Cubo’s video stream is extremely clear, I can literally see Goldie breathing! A danger zone alert that you can use into your child’s toddler years, set up an area you don’t want your child out of and if they do leave the area, it sends you an alert on your phone! & lastly, SUCH a cool one, the “automatic photo capture” feature. Do you ever worry that when your baby is in their crib you’re going to miss the first time they roll, pull up, or even those really sweet moments where they’re so smiley playing with their feet you wish you had on camera, well… with Cubo’s technology it’s automatic photo capture feature literally automatically will capture those moments for you! Sounds almost too good to be true huh? Trust me it’s not, this baby monitor is the real deal!!

I first started using Cubo Ai with Ellery, but feeling so comfortable with the monitor we decided to make the big switch and move Goldie to her nursery and Ellery to her big girl bed. – The monitor sits on top of the crib and has a wide-angle birds-eye view of your baby so it can accurately identify if indeed there is a blanket over their face or if they’ve rolled over. Needless to say, Goldie (4 months old) is now sleeping in her nursery for naps & at night, and I feel comfortable about it!!

Baby monitor comparisons: How does Cubo Ai Compare?

How’s Cubo Ai different than the rest? In terms of baby monitor comparisons, my personal experience was with Angelcare, these are my personal thoughts about the system I had, nothing personal about the company. First things first, the screen had a low-quality picture on it, and at night time it was even worse. I could hardly make out what my child was doing in her bed. Secondly, the baby monitor breathing feature was faulty from the time we got it, sending me false alerts at any given part of the day including the middle of the night that my child was not breathing, causing me so much anxiety. Another issue I’ve had since a month after using, is the screen would have a full charge, be plugged in and start beeping low battery loudly waking us all up in the middle of the night.

Here’s a great chart provided by Cubo to give a side by side baby monitor comparison of other monitors on the market. 

 I truly cannot recommend this baby monitor more, to make your parenting journey easier and more enjoyable. A few more features I really love are the 18-hour video playback, stories in the app where you can see how your child moved & slept, a 2-way audio where you can talk to your baby, temperature & humidity detection, both super important in little ones’ rooms, no red light, which is great, the red light on our other monitor was so distracting to Ellery I had to cover it up with tape, a built-in night light, & a stand that grows with your baby from newborn to toddler + If you’re in the market for a baby monitor this one is my rec!

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If you get it, please come back and tell me what you think!! Or tag me on IG! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts 🙂

*This post is sponsored by Cubo Ai. As always all opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand.*