how to arrange an insta- worthy charcuterie board, the whole family will love!

by | May 8, 2019 | lifestyle | 0 comments

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know, I’m a sucker for a big beautiful charcuterie board, well actually I’ve never had a charcuterie board I didn’t love, big or small! When we travel we love to order them from all over the world and see all the unique ways people arrange them, and let me tell ya, we’ve seen some pretty incredible ones, the great thing is, there’s no wrong way to make one! Really, you just need really yummy cheeses, meats, & any other favorites from your fridge or pantry. With summer & backyard hang outs on the horizon what a better time to share how I like to arrange my “Insta worthy” charcuterie boards!

Steps to charcuterie success!

First things first, get your board, your serving dish, whatever you want to display this beautiful creation on & then the fun steps begin.

Start by placing 3 to 4 of your favorite cheeses evenly around the board.

Next step, add in a couple of unique round bowls or other specialty items in the middle! These can be used for honey, olives, pickles, jam, anything that’s liquid or you don’t want touching the rest of your items.

Get creative with your colors

Load up on your favorite colorful fruits & veggies!

Add your favorite meats of your choice! Today I’m using my husband’s favorites, dry salami, prosciutto, & dry coppa. 

Garnish & decorate your heart out

Add in your grains, like crackers, toasted baguettes, warm flatbread, etc. (pro tip: I like to fan out my crackers around my speciality items from step

Garnish! My favorite step! Or like I like to say “decorate” with nuts, chocolate, rosemary, flowers, really whatever your into!! If you have kids coming over that love jelly beans, add some jelly beans 🙂

Did someone say charcuterie queen?

And that’s it!! You have your “Insta worthy” charcuterie board! Now take a pic and post that baby on your stories, or did it even happen 😉